I am back and taking part in the SuperSeed Challenge


Hello all! I must first apologise as I have not blogged in ages as I have been on a PGCE course to become a lecturer in Art & Design and I have not had the time to keep my blog going. I wanted to let you all know that I am back and I have been creating (I will be updating with some previous & current projects soon). If you haven’t seen me in a while I have cut my hair short and i have had a bit of a style update: I also am taking part in the Superseed [...]

Mail Art.

Mail art

I have been meaning to do some mail art for ages and doing the postal art has inspired me to do some more. I am a product tester for Lush and whenever they send me products, they are sent using recycled potato starch squishy sticks that look like Wotsits (Cheese Puffs). I rang up Lush to find out what they where, it’s quite amazing. They buy the starchy water that is the by product of the potato washing in the Walkers factory and use it create this earth friendly packaging. These coloured biodegradable  squishy sticks always smell wonderfully of the [...]

An apron for a Princess.

Apron top close up

Hello, I made an apron for my parents’ godchild’s birthday. She is going to be six and likes pink, princesses and anything to do with helping and playing with her parents. I bought her an Angelina Ballerina Cookery book and made her an apron. For anyone else looking to buy a pink cookbook for a six year old, this is available on amazon. This is my first time making an apron, let me know what you think…

Envelope art.

Close up rain drop

I have always had an affinity for patterns and textures, especially those found in envelopes. As a child my way of helping our family business was to help my parents sort the mail when coming back from holiday. I used to cut out the stamps and send them to charities as they can sell them and make a small profit. To find out more about sending your stamps to charity and how they can use them in the UK click here. I have always been a bit of a hoarder and I used to save the insides of the envelopes [...]